Why This Blog

Hello. My name is Dagrun and I'm a ninth-century Dane living in the Blackwater Estuary. Well, I like to imagine that I am.

I've been a re-enactor for 12 years or so and am all about the living history and crafts. In the course of my crafty viking endeavours, I've often found it frustrating looking for information on the internet. You see a great outfit on Pinterest, but after following a series of links all you can find out is that it was "based on a find". But what find? How much of the original item was found? How much of the awesome outfit is conjecture? Enquiring minds need to know.

This blog will hopefully come to feature lots of my kit items, with my research, references and an honest appraisal of the bits I've just added because they look cool, damn it.

I'm really interested in talking to anyone who is likewise trying to navigate the nightmare of historical accuracy, so please feel free to contact me in the comments.

- Dagrun the Determined

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  1. thanks for info on Jorvik 1336 I have material with similar weave it will now be a costume